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OS X Lion Kills Rosetta PowerPC Support, Here’s What To Do About It

Search Advanced search. Quick links. Mac OS X Help for Audacity 2. Forum rules This forum is for Audacity 2. IIRC, it can't import AppleWorks drawing documents directly, so I converted them by simply copying and pasting all the drawing objects from an AppleWorks document window into a new blank Intaglio document window.

Worked like a charm. For database documents, I have no idea, since I never used them. Actually, that's not true. I had one database document, which wasn't anything important, and I converted it to a NeoOffice database document. Anyone looking to replace Stuffit Expander should download The Unarchiver, which can decompress many different formats. I too am stuck with an old copy of Quicken. I can't for the life of me understand why Intuit still hasn't seen the light to give us a normal Mac version.

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Isn't it now obvious how many of us will upgrade? And they're still sitting on Apple's board for goodness sake. I don't get that at all. When I click on Applications under Software in System Profiler, nothing happens, not even the spinning gear that shows up when I click other categories.

Am I doing something wrong? Well, I have lots of Classic apps but they all seem to be from Apple and reside in my System folder so presumably Apple will replace or merge any functionality in these programs into Lion. Regarding the Quicken conundrum, I'm embarrassed to admit it but about a year ago I tired of the instability of Quicken and decided to abandon it for Quicken for Windows.

I run it using either Crossover or Parallels and it mostly works well.

I made this distasteful choice because I felt I needed the budget and investment functionality that seems to be lacking in the Mac finance programs I tired. Having said all this, I'd abandon it in a heartbeat if I could find something as capable for the Mac. Has anyone else got problems running Sys Prof and trying to list Applications? Mine crashes constantly ONLY when using it to list the applications. Google tells me others have this issue but no solution yet found. If you keep some elsewhere, System Profiler may leave you with a false sense of security. Also, some apps are intel, but some of their features are provided as applescripts, and many of those scripts are still ppc.

If the application isn't still under active development, or if you can't afford to upgrade, you could lose features. My current strategy is to buy new hardware in the next week or two so I can avoid the Lion issue for at least the next 4 years or so.

Atualizando Mac OS 10.5 para 10.6

If that means no new software, well, what I have already meets my needs well, and I could use some help beating my software addiction anyway. So far there's not a single change in Lion that I actively like, and lots that I don't, such as the iThingification, and the pervasive store growing though its innards like a cancer.

I'm not unique--I've had a rash of users spontaneously upgrading to snow leopard this month while they can still buy the installer, and several asking about which macs to buy. I could say "get off my lawn" but I abhor lawns, so "get out of my bug habitat" :- ]. Cuoldn't edit: my System Profiler on I can't explain this difference in our experiences.

Ten Four Fox Install / Problems / Discussion Area - TenFourFox Support

Just tried on my oldish intel mini, So maybe it's a leopard thing. Or maybe it's because I put my user directories on a different partition, though that doesn't make any sense.

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More experimentation is in order, but not tonight. The plot thickens. I just tried on my work imac with It found apps in other places--but not -all- other places. No difference between running as normal user and admin user. Internal drive --System partition I've been following this too, and I definitely saw applications in my list that were on my second hard disk, so it's not limited even to a single disk.

I wonder if System Profiler might be relying on the Spotlight index for the search, and could thus be fooled by a corrupted index. That's it! My personal partition at work is excluded from spotlight, and at home, just about everything is excluded from spotlight because spotlight hangs as it indexes, and I haven't cared enough to track down the problem.

I just let spotlight index my private partition, and now Profiler sees those apps. I'd argue you could wait a few months and then buy new, unopened last-generation Snow Leopard gear for hundreds less! I would, except that I get the educational price, which typically is about the same as discounted new old models, and there's no edu discount for those. The other thing I'm looking into is running leo or snowie non-server in vmware. I've heard it's possible, though haven't had time to track down details or do any experimenting, and I may not get the time before L-day, so I'm not counting on it.

I am leaning to creating a partition to run I wonder if the ssd drive can be partitioned? Still trying to learn. Should run them pretty fast with i7 chipset. I have not partitioned it- but should be no problem using disk utility. BTW I'm still using Eudora 6. Another one: PowerKey made by Sophisticated Circuits. Too bad because it's a great device but whoever is behind the company has completely given up supporting their products.

The current version 4. My Applications list is empty! Choosing Refresh just has it tell me it's empty again. I wonder what went awry. And that application is Universal. So I'm not sure what you're seeing, but if other DVDs are like mine and rely on the Installer on the hard disk, it shouldn't be a problem. Not that I need to run any ancient DOS software, but it's nice to know that it's possible, and we should be mentioning it in briefly in "Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac.

From reading the DOSBox Web site, it seems that the current version is a universal binary, so it should be fine under Lion. CS2 is also done for, it seems. This is a big one for me, because my publishing workflow is to use InDesign through InBooklet which was removed in CS4. And as mentioned upthread, Appleworks at last. I have many thousands of 'ClarisWorks' files here, accessed as their information is needed.

Exporting them all, one by one, to some kind of readable format is going to be a huge chore No real problem.

Snow Leopard

I've been a Mac user since my original Mac II, but don't expect to ever upgrade again. I'll reluctantly switch to my partner's Windows machine for whatever can't run on my Mac. And keep playing Solitaire till Dawn here. Native means it's better to boot into OS 9.

Also, for you, "Universal" has a completely different meaning than in this article. But since your machine will never run Lion, Snow Leopard, or even Leopard, you've got no problem as long as you can keep it working! Does anyone else rue the day you realize it pays to keep 2 or 3 older laptops hanging around to run older software and preserve data access?

Yes, I run Quicken , and this will be a mess if true. Quicken Essentials is something of a costly check register joke by comparison. Major concerns regarding data destruction seem to rise to the top much faster for Mac users than PC's. Nevermind the MS Entourage to Outlook debacle. Somehow, it's gotta be simpler going forward, not present hurdle after hurdle. Is there any way to inventory other low-level dependencies like this? I'm a bit dismayed after reading thru this article.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Update

I have given up a few very endeared apps over the years due to upgrades. OY that's all I have to say right now. I'm happy with quicken 07, MS office 04 and others. What is Lion really going to do for us? Well, that's a real question, and based on what Apple has shown so far, I'd say that Lion may not offer the long-standing Mac user a huge amount.

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Most of the major features shown so far make Mac OS X more like iOS, which is a help for someone who is new to the Mac but has used the iPhone, but doesn't do nearly as much for those of us who know how to launch apps and switch among them. But we won't know until it's out, and you'll certainly have time to consider the upgrade even after it ships. My main problem is going to be Office I guess I'll finally have to move up to or switch to OpenOffice.

I guess it's time for the emulator community to start an osx PearPC anyone? Looking farther into the future, what about bits only applications? How long can we rely on them for? I've found that all of these that I have are actually Applescripts saved as applications.