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Free Antivirus for Mac OS X from Comodo | Download Mac Antivirus

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Mac OS X Question: Q: Any virus protection left around for Tiger More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Now that OS X has built-in malware support, what does that mean for Mac users? It's not bulletproof, but the next time you look a gift horse in the mouth, at least you'll know whether it's full of Greek warriors. Snow Leopard is a solid collection of tweaks and upgrades for a low price, Jason Snell says.

Snow Leopard may be a "minor" update, but it's got plenty of big new features. Here's an inside Macworld Lab puts the new Mac OS One of the hidden features of Snow Leopard is a built-in system to protect Mac users from malware Both Windows 7 and Snow Leopard pack notable new features, large and small.

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We take a closer look Apple's latest OS, Snow Leopard, includes a revamped version of the company's venerable multimedia Services have been in OS X since the earliest days, but not many users take advantage of their Apple has posted a knowledge base document with list of software that is significantly incompatible In Snow Leopard, some System Preferences panes have been renamed, some have been reshuffled, others Several applications and utilities have been moved or gone missing in Mac OS X Rob Griffiths Senior systems administrator John C.

Welch has had a chance to use Snow Leopard and finds plenty to Inside Snow Leopard's under-the-hood How does it work? Does it work? What does it all mean? Sophos normally takes just a few minutes to install and then you'll see a completion screen click on Continue and then the following final screen.

Click on Close to close the installation window. If Sophos wasn't installed before you should now see a shield in the menu bar top right of the screen. The shield may initially be grey but after just a few moments should turn black to indicate that Sophos is now protecting your computer. The version of Sophos you have installed now needs to be updated so that it can detect recent malware.

10 Best Anti-Virus Programs for Macs

To do this make sure that you are connected to the Internet and then click on the shield to bring up the menu shown and select [Update Now]. If the [Update Now] button is greyed out and the shield has changed to show a moving arrow, an update may already be in progress. You should see a progress window as Sophos downloads and installs recent updates. If you don't see the progress window, click on the shield to bring up the menu and select [Show AutoUpdate Menu].

Once the update is complete, check the Sophos shield.

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So long as it is black then everything was successful and Sophos is working normally. If the shield is grey with a cross on it then on-access scanning isn't working and the updating has failed! Sophos Anti-Virus uses a username and password to automatically download updates.

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These credentials are valid for around 14 months and expire around the start of November each year. Once they have expired, Sophos will no longer be updated, and your computer will be more vulnerable to new viruses and other malware etc. This normally only applies to Sophos installed onto personal laptops and desktops. On college or departmental systems, Sophos or other antivirus software is often managed by your local IT Support staff and you should check with them before making any changes.

To make sure that you keep your computer s up to date, you will need to download and install a new Sophos package in October each year. Please see the FAQ for more details on how to check when your installation s of Sophos will stop updating. So long as the updating credentials are current, Sophos Anti-Virus is configured to automatically download and install updates to keep your defences against viruses, trojans and worms as up-to-date as possible.

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On networked computers, this occurs once an hour. To find out when the program last updated itself, click on the shield on the menu bar and select [Show AutoUpdate Window].

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You can also update Sophos manually at any time by clicking on the shield on the menu bar and choosing [Update Now]. You will see a window showing the progress of the update. The progress window is not displayed when Sophos updates automatically. If either the automatic hourly update or the manual update fails for any reason the shield on the menu bar will have a cross in the middle of it. Your computer does need to be connected to the Internet in order to download updates so if you see this icon when you are not connected this is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

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When you reconnect to the Internet it may take up to an hour before Sophos tries to update again and the shield returns to normal. If you encounter any problems there is a Frequently Asked Questions FAQ web page with answers to some of the most common issues that people encounter.

We provide some outline information on configuring Sophos options and scans in the next section and Sophos provide full documentation in their Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X documentation.

virus protection for old Mac

The OS X client is configured with on-access scanning enabled. This means that when you open a file on your computer Sophos will first check whether it contains malware before it allows the file to be opened. Sophos Anti-Virus on-access settings are configured as follows. In this section we provide details on how to change these settings, and on the most common options that you might want to change. To access the settings click on the shield in the menu bar and select [Open Sophos Anti-Virus Preferences In the preferences window click on On-access Scanning.

Before you can make any changes to the configuration the padlock in the bottom left of the screen needs to be open.